If we want to bequeath a viable world to the next generation, we must restore our relationship with the land to how it always has been in the past, respectful. Giving the land everything it demands, and taking from it only what we need. Because the environment in which we live is the only genuinely valuable thing we have.

Mitteland is a group of family companies dedicated, over three generations, to balanced and rational land management primarily through the combined use of organic and biodynamic growing.

The foundation of our business is to take advantage of the resources the land gives us Рin the form of vines, olives, cereals, trees or aromatic, medicinal and ornamental plants Рin order obtain wines and cavas, oils or nursery stock in an environmentally friendly manner. We also want to promote and share our family’s cultural heritage in activities such as cooking, healthy eating and the art of food-wine pairing.

Our symbol is a door, the entrance to a new way of thinking and doing things. Crossing the threshold of Mittelland is to enter a place where everything changes, where everything is born. Welcome to the land!